The Black Widow

Challenge Level: 6/10
Players: 2-8
60 min

Located at Escape Quest – Alexandria, VA


You and your friends are locked in the gothic lair of the beautiful and infamous Black Widow serial killer. Known for marrying and burying her husbands, you must discover how and why she killed them and get out before she returns and makes you her next victim.

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Player Reviews

This escape room did not disappoint us! It was so much fun and challenging and really had all of us thinking together as a team! Our host, Will, was great and gave us really good clues! When we come back we will definitely book another room!Jeanette E. (TripAdvisor)
It was so fun and dynamic! We did the Black Widow room and it definitely had elements of suspense and surprise! Loved it! Arrion Williams (Facebook)
My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves at Escape quest. We did the Black widow room. It was fun and challenging. We plan to do this again with a group of friends.Jermaine E. (TripAdvisor)

Critic Reviews


Along with the immersive and beautiful room, comes a slew of thought provoking puzzling. Each item leads from spot to spot, but in a subtle way, allowing for quite a few moments of revelation. While building toward the meta puzzle, new revelations are found, and each step is satisfying in it’s feedback when solved. All details of the room are woven into the puzzling, and finding small details or prop interactions were very enjoyable. The reveal near the end is exciting, and the climax feels appropriate and fun. One puzzle in particular is tactile and feels great when solving, but also helps build a creepier atmosphere once it has been completed.Escape Room Adventurer