The King’s Ransom

Challenge Level: 7/10
Players: 2-10
60 min

Located at Escape Quest – Alexandria, VA


You and your friends are locked inside the King’s royal chambers, tasked with finding a hidden coffer of gold and saving the King from certain death. His chambers are riddled with secrets and hide his most valuable assets.

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Player Reviews

The escape challenge (King’s Ransom) was well done and involved all in the group to solve the challenge. The place was clean, well-maintained and appropriately decorated to put us into the story. The staff was very friendly. It is a great activity for those who like puzzles/riddles/challenges. For those who do not, being in a group of puzzlers can help get those creative juices flowing. It definitely requires some “out of the box” thinking.TEntwistle (TripAdvisor)
The staff here does a phenomenal job of writing the scripts; room decorations and puzzles are unreal. They have all kinds of creative twists which makes this one of the most fun adult games around. Highly recommend it!!Mmerola22 (TripAdvisor)
We had a great time on this past Saturday at Escape Quest ! This was apart of my daughter’s birthday celebration . The Davis Crew is planning to go back again soon. The clues are right in your FACE, I highly recommend family, friends and co-workers try this .Leon D. (TripAdvisor)

Critic Reviews


The room itself is, as we’ve come to expect from Escape Quest, beautiful and highly immersive. In fact, I’d say King’s Ransom is the best looking game we saw while in the area! Progression is linear, but builds in a way as to include multiple teammates and encourage teamwork. Tech is well hidden, and is used sparingly, in order to evoke a sense of mystery. King’s Ransom is Escape Quest’s hardest room, so puzzles are generally a bit more esoteric in their solutions, but were not frustratingly done. Once methods to solving were figured out, there were many ah-ha moments to be had. Props felt overall like they belonged, and were fun to manipulate and use in our puzzling. The story was light, but continued to be uncovered throughout, leading to a climactic and satisfying conclusion to the experience.Escape Room Adventurer

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Escape Quest
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The King's Ransom
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