The Lost Temple

Challenge Level: 6/10
Players: 2-8
60 min

Located at Escape Quest – Alexandria, VA


You and a group of explorers stumble across a hidden temple deep in the South American jungle. Based on local legend that a hidden tomb in the area holds a golden treasure of immense value, your group decides to face the danger and attempt to enter the tomb, steal the priceless treasure and get out alive!

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Player Reviews

The Lost Temple room was exciting and fun. Challenging which made solving it so rewarding. One of the best rooms I’ve done.JenKE23 (TripAdvisor)
Four of us in a room working together were able to solve the clues, find the idol and escape The Lost Temple before the hour was up! This place is awesome and so are the people that work here ! The room was nicely decorated to the theme, the clues were hard but not impossible. It took four minds to figure them out. Cooperation is key! Nothing negative to say about this experience.Maria H. (TripAdvisor)
This was a first time for me ! and I had so much fun ! We did the Lost temple room, we did it with another group who have done 2 other rooms before, but despite being first timers with a group who are experienced we definitely worked together ! If this wasn’t so far we would be doing the other rooms ASAP !

And we finished with 7 minutes to spare !xnunnteya (TripAdvisor)

Critic Reviews


The immersion factor in The Lost Temple is top notch. Props and scenery feel realistic, and technology inserted within is hidden well, giving a magical feel to some puzzle solutions. Progression is mostly linear, but there are several instances where other puzzles can be solved, so there’s no shortage of things to do while exploring the temple. Puzzles are clever and give satisfying feedback when solved, and are mostly tactile in nature, which is always appreciated. The variety of things to do in the room mix escape room standbys and new interactions in surprising ways, and the build towards the climax of the room is excellent.Escape Room Adventurer